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Brother Raven, Sister Wolf

Of Brother Raven, Sister Wolf

By Janina M. Carlstad 2009


In a country of the Northwest

Not so many years ago

Came a visit from a raven

To this land of winter’s snow


The land and people of the aspens

Grassy fields, Peace River’s flow

Welcomed this coastal brother

As Northern customs show


He was a storyteller

Sharing tales from ‘round the world

Bright of eye, and clear of voice

His stories ‘round them swirled


He spoke of his flock, his journey

of challenges he knew

He spoke of loyalties, adventures…

And as their interest grew


He began to share his songs

Which flowed around new friends

Pushing ‘way winter winds

Bearing forth renewal –

 the kind springtime sends


It is the way of life sometimes

Yes things just go this way

That a wolf wandered along the path

To hear Brother Raven this day…


As she stepped out of the forest

Which just then was cold and dark

She humbly raised her ears

Feeling the warmth of a blazing spark


And basking in the fire

Of the stories and the songs

Sister Wolf began to feel

new purpose growing strong


As the music floated through her

Inside and all around

And the land and people listened

They heard joy within the sound


They felt their hearts beat with the drum,

beating loud and beating strong

Brother Raven’s voice – it flowed

With water music, Raven’s songs


Ancestors smiled and bowed

Sharing a secret that they send

Knowing we’re all related

On this journey ‘round River’s bends


Their stories gifted to Raven

Through songs that he now shares

Circle the Earth, the Moon, the Stars

Touching hearts everywhere


Wolf Sister gratefully accepted this gift

Humbly taking it back to her lair

Back to the pack, to the forest

For learning and sharing there


And as the winters come and go

And ravens through blue skies fly

Not a day passes without thanks

To the Creator, Mother Earth, all eyes


For  sharing the wonder of the music

‘mongst new forests growing tall

Sharing the notes with the Songbirds

Gifting the music to one and all


And as the Sun’s spring warmth

Gains strength once again…

Of Brother Raven, Sister Wolf

Sharing never ends


For listen now, to the Songbirds

Gathering notes for all to hear

Singing the songs of our World

Lands and peoples far and near


With “Little Bird” do they sing to the woodlands

“Little Horse” calls to creatures large and small

And with “Le Mita Cola” they gift to the people

If we listen, we’ll hear them call…


Connecting us all in the Circle of Life

Singing to bright rays of morning Sun

sharing Peaceful Nights of starry skies

Hearing the heartbeat,  Life’s music as One




David playing his "Raven's Greatest Creation" flute


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