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Hints and Insights

NANA Flute Circle is dedicated to learning about and sharing in the preservation, history, and folklore of the Indigenous Style Flute. ** Please click on the links below to visit pages where we feature learning, sharing, and caring about these beautiful instruments!  It doesn't matter what level of flutist you may feel you are... it's the interest and enthusiasm that counts and brings us all together!  Sharing in song!

Sharing songs

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We're all learning as we walk along our pathways... On our LEARNING  pages, we feature areas we've experienced or needed to know in order to play and care for our flutes...and hope to share these with you too, in the event that they may help others along their journeys...

  These are the pages where we SHARE our innermost thoughts, heart, and revealed through the voices of our flutes... Here you will find our own original poetry, songs, and  flute folklore...

Nicholle playing for World Skills Competition in C
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Each of us walks our own life path and each of us walks together....  our passion for our work, people, and this Earth bring us together in song and is a little about what some of us are working on these days...

Flutes of the Forest
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