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Back to Nature

As we grow and learn along this journey...  we meet people, try new instruments, and reach out and share....  here are a few of the treasured individuals we've met so far...
Our "Parent Flute Circles"

Our Own Sites
Makwa Flutes  (Stephen Rensink)

Peaceful Spirit Flutes (Terry Mack)


NANA Flute Circle may also be found as a  Facebook Group


SONGS for Practice and Play


Songs on Flutetree




Flutopedia - an amazing source of flute information


Flute Makers
(in no particular order.  Can = Canadian flute maker)
/A>  (Can)

Woodland Voices - Flutes by Colyn Peterson
Drums - (for flutes and transformational music)
Visionhawk Music - Moyo Drums

Other Types of Flutes:

Flutists We've Connected With:
href="" target="_self" >Mark Holland
Flutists Working with Healing
Michael Brant DeMaria href="" target="_blank" >(Ontos) 
Randy Granger - Hospice Work and Southwest Award Winning Music
Recording Studios

Janina in the Aspens

"We are all related...."


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