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Peaceful Night Flute Circle collection

The People and Projects of NANA
NANA is involved in many aspects of the education field.... and the flutes play an integral part of each individual's program... 
*These are just a few of the people involved in flute music but these are some of the core of people who helped NANA grow!
David Bouchard (Tune'l) - flute mentor, teacher, author
David Bouchard tours the country and the world, speaking at many conferences, schools, and agencies... well known as a champion of  literacy, he enhances cultural pride and identity with his many stories...check his website (David Bouchard) to find out more!  David's private flute collection (see it on Facebook and NANA Facebook) steadily expands with his skill of playing and sharing the songs - both old and new...  His flute songs have touched the hearts of many, and for some, have gathered strength as the river gathers force from the streams which connect....  thus NANA is formed!
In the summer of 2010, David and family attended Flute Quest in Washington, USA where David hosted a Tipi Talk and connected with many other flutists and collaborators. He continues to offer workshops and present as a keynote speaker across the continent and beyond!
David was honored with Investiture to the Order of Canada  in Ottawa on April 7, 2010! 
Always devoted to writing new books (the next three are all about flutes!!!) David is a voice of people everywhere, sharing the tales of our heritage in word, song, and artistry...with passion and insight!  In the past couple years, he has expanded upon his flute music, with his friend/guitarist, Syl Thompson, and they have  completed a CD entitled "Seven Sacred Songs". 
To enjoy a preview of the music of "Seven Sacred Songs", visit David's  Myspace site at:
David also often carries Makwa flutes with him on his tours across the countryside.... and has brought flutes and flute music to people the world over! 
Under David's suggestion of forming an "online" flute circle, NANA Flute Circle was envisioned, and allows people from across the continent and the world to join with us as we connect across a vast land and find we can not always/often get together to share our music and thoughts!  Hiy Hiy!


David - Portrait of a Metis Writer  - Listen to David tell the story of the discovery of his inherited memories, his family history...and his flutes...  (Click on the link above to view this inspiring video)

Nicholle (Gwimu) - storyteller and visionary
Nicholle Murphy is a  Mi'kmaq woman from the Qalipu First Nation of Newfoundland.  She worked for the Catholic School Board in Fort McMurray for ten years, as the FNMI Liaison for the five north side schools.  Having moved to Calgary, Nicholle continued her work in the north for Janvier Dene First Nation where she was the General Manager of a First Nation owned and operated consulting company.  Nicholle currently works as a Director in Industry Relations Corporation for Fort McMurray First Nation. 
Nicholle's passion for playing and sharing the songs of the Native American Flute is responsible for  drawing many individuals together and she started up two flute circles within Fort MacMurray schools. With her story telling, flute playing, and her collaboration with the elders, Nicholle is fully involved in enhancing the educational experience and preservation of culture... pride!  Identity!

Nicholle plays at World Skills Opening in Calgary 2009

Janina (Paqtesm) - storyteller, educator, &  flute instructor
Janina Skutle Carlstad combines her love of  nature, concern for the environment, and concern for global humanity with her poetry and flute songs! She enjoys sharing the journey of the flute as she currently teaches Fine Arts, French, and Literacy to elementary and junior high aged children in Northwestern Alberta...also guiding  Flute Circles at  schools in which she works.  See Our Youth - Carrying the Legacy to find out more.
Janina is happy to share a flute playing tip here and there with any who ask, as she herself, explores further skills as a flutist. She is very excited about the ongoing Wolf Pack pages of the NANA website that are dedicated to an interactive communication with students exploring their own flute journey!
Janina performs solo and with John Fletcher under the name of 'SomeAre Solstice Flutes'.  The pair offer flute performances and workshops in and around  communities in Alberta and BC where they live as well as Scandinavia. Janina also offers private lessons for any who are just starting out on their flute journey.  
Flute Workshops - Janina offers workshops about "Sharing the Legacy - The Indigenous  Flute" - a 3-6 hour workshop for teachers, musicians, and anyone interested in sharing this amazing heritage instrument with their classrooms or groups.   The workshops explore introducing the flute to classes, traditional and contemporary teachings, networking, curricular implementation and cross-integration with other school programming, and how to make the Northern Spirit Flutes (with Northern Spirit ABS plastic flutes).  Janina also offers a series of activities designed to help with development of self-worth and healing through her "Woodland Wellness Workshops".
Check out Janina's flute website at SomeAre Solstice and Woodland Wellness, face="Arial"> 
Janina is always honored and excited to attend the World Flute conventions at the HAAS Fine Arts Centre of the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Wisconsin ... unforgettable flute experiences!  In addition to her work with NANA, she remains a member of the World Flute Society. Peace Region Songwriter's, Grande Prairie Songwriters, Norwegian Lafthus and several Viking re-enactment groups where she plays and demonstrates viking age instruments.

Janina and John - flute, guitar, dobro ensemble
Playing for Coffeehouse & Salvation Army Fundraiser

Janina playing flute at Ole's Lake, AB

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."   Henry B. Adams


Rich Dubč -flutist, educator, flute-maker


Rich, of Northern Spirit Flutes, is a Saskatchewan educator and flute enthusiast, and a Mecca of vision, knowledge and experience.


Teachers/administrators/flute lovers...take a minute and go to Rich's site - you will not be disappointed. He is a unique, multi-faceted, multi-talented teacher who teaches the art of making and playing the NA flute. Rich has shared his gift with hundreds. He is worth a visit...


Rich has wonderful news that may be of interest to members of NANA. He was able to get in touch with Peter Worrell in the UK regarding designing a keying system that would make it possible to play Native American Flute with one hand. Peter has worked with Dolmetsch, the recorder manufacturer. He designed a keying system similar to a clarinet that allows a person with one hand to play the recorder.  Rich sent Peter a Northern Spirit Flute some time back to have a look at and see if he would be interested in designing a keying system that would allow a student of Rich's to play a Native American style flute. Peter emailed Rich thoughts on how to make this work.  How wonderful!


Rich has created an amazing drone flute... check out his website to hear and see this lovely instrument.  He is working with Kevin Locke and an Indigenous A tuned flute as well!!!


He  has kept very busy developing a curriculum for the Indigenous Flute with flutist and "National Treasure" Kevin Locke, with a program called " Songs of the Spirit"  It will be a Lakota Flute Curriculum." Rich and Kevin are introducing the new curriculum and the Lakota tuned Northern Spirit Flute to teachers. 


Rich has been integral in the production of the "SongKeepers" DVD.  Details for purchasing the DVD are available through Rich's site. 


Rich presented his Northern Spirit Flutes - at flute-making workshops at the World Flute Conventions in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in both July of 2010, 2012 and 2014 and continues to bring the opportunity for students, teachers, and community groups to make and play the flute an affordable and enticing experience!


Marcus Fung
Marcus is an extraordinary musician who adapts to any instrument he touches! He and instructs rhythm and world beats (check out Drum A Drum), provides healing and music inspiration, and performances in and around the Edmonton area with singing bowls and a variety of other sound experiences.
In the past couple of years, Marcus began to play the Native American Flute and quickly amassed his own vast collection of these and other flutes of the world!
In the summer of 2012, he attended a retreat in Montana and area to learn how to make flutes...and has created beautiful instruments.

Marcus playing flute he constructed Summer 2012

Terry Mack, Voice of the Singing Branch, Intuitive Player of Native American Flutes

Terry believes that these beautiful Native American (Style) Flutes can free the music in your soul. Since receiving her first flute for Christmas of 2005 she has transformed from a person who made no music to a songbird on these flutes.  Her experience is testimony to the fact that you need no musical knowledge to find your way into your song when you have a Native American flute in your hands.  According to Terry, you simply need to have a flute in your hand, silence the critic in your head and begin to listen to the flute and the sounds it is making.  The art of playing these wonderful instruments starts with really learning to listen and giving yourself permission simply to play with the sounds without judging. From this, your own song will emerge.

After receiving her first flute, Terry was so passionate about the flutes (and with some encouragement from her husband, Garland Coulson) she began to sell them and started Peaceful Spirit Flutes, .  Since July of 2006, Terry has sold many many flutes to people all over the world and while doing this has introduced thousands of people to the magic of the Native American Flute. She works with flute makers from all over North America .

She started a flute circle in Nanaimo, and in Comox  playing flutes for the Nanaimo Hospice Self Care Clinic, that offers Reiki to caregivers and family members dealing with people who are on their end of life journey. Terry has now moved to Alberta where she continues to be a strong advocate for the flutes and flute circles through social media and her own new "Gone Fluting" Flute Circle. Terry offers lessons on the flute, playshops and performs at local fund raising events and other events as well.

In August of 2010, Terry was voted best performer by the audiences attending the week end event on  the New Breath Stage at Flute Quest in Washington State, sponsored by the Washington Flute Circle.

Terry is part of the performing duo, Wind Weaver,  and has released a CD of Native American Flute and Acoustic guitar, Wild Threads.

Terry Mack

Greg Mottl
Greg is a connoisseur of "flutedom".... playing a variety of world flutes. He also repairs broken or cracked flutes, and specializes in artistic inlays within the flutes with which he works. Greg may often be heard playing music around Edmonton cafes and other acoustically promising venues!
His flute playing, philosophies and humanitarian work can be found on FaceBook!

 Stephen Rensink (MAKWA Flutes) - educator, flute maker
Stephen met up with David Bouchard a few years ago and made him a flute. This was the beginning of a tremendous journey of flute construction!!! To date, MAKWA has made hundreds of lovely flutes, and has now begun creating branch flutes (flutes made from previously lived in tree branches)...They are lovely! Stephen may be contacted through the NANA Facebook pages by email.
The amazing bird flutes seen here are Rainbow Crow flutes...representative of David's newest book, "Rainbow Crow".  Steve makes a variety of flutes from branch flutes to bird flutes.

MAKWA's Rainbow Crow Flutes

Glenda RossSocial Worker, FNMI Liaison Worker, beginner NA flutist.

Tansi!  Glenda Ross is a Registered Social Worker who works in three schools in Peace Wapiti #76 with the FNMI population. She is a strong Metis woman who has started learning about her culture 8 years ago. This is a continual journey to which she demonstrates great pride. Glenda proudly participates in and supports traditional and cultural Aboriginal ceremonies and events.

Glenda is an enthusiastic outdoors and nature soul. Some of Glenda’s interests and hobbies are dancing and jigging, quadding, sledding, snowshoeing, x-country skiing, horseback riding, solitary walks in the bush, playing her guitar and re-learning to play her keyboard once again.

Glenda is now embarking on a new journey... the Native American flute. This new passion came to Glenda quite unexpectedly. Glenda lent a helping hand to Janina Carlstad, helping over 30 grade 5 and 6 students build their flutes. This sparked an interest to build her own Native American-style flute. Glenda finds the flute music very soulful and spiritual and is now looking forward to a new journey of passion... the Native American flute!

Glenda looks forward to meeting and learning from other Native American flute enthusiasts! For now, hiy hiy!

Glenda Ross
Herb Stanley - Chinook Winds Music
Photo by Michael O'Shea

Herb Stanley - flutist, Artist of the Ward with the University of Alberta Hospital
Herb Stanley is an accomplished flutist from Frog Lake, Alberta.  He is often seen (or rather heard) sharing healing and soothing tunes with patients of Edmonton hospitals to aid in the recovery process...  Herb's expansive collection of flutes is an inspiration and an education in itself.  Herb  had the honor of playing flute during the Dalai Lama's visit to Calgary in fall of 2009.  He recently took part in some acting in a screenplay (Blackstone TV series) down in southern Alberta (July 2010).
**Herb  has been in the recording studio....with the result being the amazing new CD - "Mystic Warrior"!  "Mystic Warrior" is a collection of soothing and inspirational music for humanity and the environment...containing a variety of original melodies destined to win heart and soul of the listener!  To order or find out more about "Mystic Warrior" please email Herb.
Herb may also be found on Myspace.

Herb Stanley

Herb of Chinook Wind

Ian Sewall - Educator, Philosopher, Storyteller, Flutist


Ian Sewall attended a music workshop for teachers in late August and made a Northern Spirit Flute as part of that workshop....with the vision of sitting upon his deck, playing the haunting melodies of the flute and letting those melodies float ethereally across the forests and hills that bank the Peace River...  


Ian extends a huge and generous heart towards his students, offering many dimensions of life skills and learning through his Virtual Education program, with Peace Wapiti District #76's PAVE...  he speaks Cree, has instructed at Grande Prairie College in the area of Aboriginal Education, and offers an online storytelling program entitled, "Fiddlestrings"....  and extends himself further to his love of training mules and horses as well as being a staunch enthusiast of the Peace Country of Alberta....   


He bonded with the flute right away....  with the revelation that this would be a tremendous experience for children in the School District who are within his care...and also with the thought in mind that it would be a grounding source of comfort, expression, and creativity to children at risk,  with whom he also works.


Ian and his trusty crew of computer technicians have set about to coordinate materials (with collaborative original lessons, and established ones from online (with credit given where due, of course), ie. websites, flute making videos, etc.) to soon make them available to students in the Virtual Education Program (PAVE) within the Peace Wapiti School District....   The program is designed towards respecting the origin and heritage of the flute, the materials and energy from which they are created, and the provision of the opportunity for creativity and self-expression and healing.    


In the meantime, Ian's personal flute journey continues with his Northern Spirit Flute and his new Butch Hall Le Mita Cola!  Check out his wonderful and heart-warming story about "The Biscuit Growing Song"!
Stay tuned for further information on this aspect of the flute as it enters 21st Century Education!

Ian Sewall and one of his mules

James Skillern - flutist

James, who is a Navy Veteran, joins us from North Carolina, where he was employed as a Safety Associate at Novella Clinical in Durham, NC. He began his flute journey 5 years ago and states “he is at peace with the pleasures of life”.  When he first saw and heard the sound of the Indigenous Flute, James knew he was hooked forever!  He made a personal commitment to learn how to play the flute and he has never lost sight to this day.  Today, James plays the flute for his own enjoyment and that of his co-workers.  James collects a variety of flutes, provides guidance about playing the flute...and shares one of his songs with us on "The Market Place" page...  James' kind and generous nature brings him easily into the realm of flute mentor for some of our members!

Check out James' new video "The Dream" on YouTube!  



Mary Parslow - educator, flutist, graphic artist
Mary joins us from Dawson Creek, BC, where she is  very involved in the Arts scene.and may be found weekly at Picture It doing "printmaking" and workshops on print making techniques.
Mary operates her own consulting company which offers workshops to individuals and corporations interested in mapping out their visions and company development.
Also a passionate artist, musician and singer, Mary has recently taken up the Native American style flute.
Mary shares many wonderful stories of her educational and pastoral endeavors...these and her love of nature are depicted throughout all of her artwork. 
Her exhibit "Inspiration 6: A Celebration of the Creative Spirit", was  displayed collaboratively with several other local artists at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery.  She and other area artists were hosted a new exhibit entitled "The Fourth Dimension" in the fall of 2012 in Grande Prairie, AB.
Ian Porteous - musician, entertainer, instructor
Ian is a dynamic member of the Edmonton based music theatre/Canadian history educational company, Les Bucherons!  Ian and company may be found touring the schools and agencies throughout the country with their energetic presentation of the music, song, stories, and history of Canada!  Ian is an accomplished musician who plays a variety of instruments such as the banjo, guitar, fiddle, rhythm bones, and the Indigenous style flute.  Ian enjoys teaching square dancing and jigging.   
Ian is also responsible for bringing the music of countless Northern Spirit Flutes to children across Canada, in the various workshops offered by the Cultural Wheel.
For more information, check their website at the link above.

Ian playing low D flute

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