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Our Youth - Carrying the Legacy

David and daughter Victoria

David and Victoria play for Victoria's schoolmates

School Flute Circles

Rising Windz Flute Circle - R W Zahara School - 2013 - 2020
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Mackenzie - a Senior Flutist with the Peaceful Night Flute Circle

2013 - Flutes in Schools
Since the advent of Bonanza School's Peaceful Night Flute Circle in 2008/09 and its growing popularity world round, flute music became a sought after Professional Development opportunity in sessional workshops and our Teachers' Convention in northern Alberta.  David Rattray, Tahltan elder, counsellor, and cultural advisor assisted teachers and Bonanza Students with making their own cedar flutes.  Janina later offered flute making through Northern Spirit Flutes, flute lessons, and teacher workshops.  The flutes and their music have joyously spread throughout our Peace Wapiti School District #76...with several schools (Eaglesham, PAVE, Harry Balfour, Clairmont Community School, R W Zahara Elementary School, Beaverlodge Elementary...)  now incorporating their beautiful sound and teaching into their music curricula.  Schools in School District 59 and School District 60 in BC and north have also adopted the flute as at least a part of their music curriculum.  It is wonderful to see the flow of music spread and grow...
Many of our educators are purchasing flute kits from Northern Spirit Flutes, and assembling A minor 440 tuned flutes with their classes at a great and economical price!  Students can hear their own creative voice immediately through these empowering and enabling instruments! 
Rich, of Northern Spirit Flutes, also provides "how to play" notes, background on the flute, and instructional videos to assist with the implementation of the flutes into a school or community program.  He is currently working in collaboration with Kevin Locke to establish a flute curriculum aiding in the preservation of this marvellous music, its heritage, and the music of the Lakota Flute.
Stay tuned for more news on this soon!
Peaceful Night Flute Circle
Bonanza School was a founding school in bringing the NAF and a related curriculum to our northern Alberta School district, Peace Wapiti School District #76.  The school's Peaceful Night Flute Circle, led by flute enthusiast and educator, Janina Carlstad,  was originally made up of 15 enthusiastic grade 5 and 6 students who began their flute journey with the tremendous aid and cedar flutes of Laura and Butch Hall.  Thank you, Butch and Laura, for your great support over the years!!!  Thanks go also to David Bouchard, Peter Phippen, and Nicholle, and Rich for all of their assistance in setting up this program.
Within the next three years, half of the student population  (grades 3-8) from Bonanza School, Bonanza, Alberta,  were studying, playing, and performing with their Native American Style Flutes.  Several brothers and sisters  also purchased these instruments and share the gift of this music...
Almost half of the class owned their own flutes...the others were supplied on loan, thanks to our Bonanza School Parent Council.  Our Parent Council kindly bestowed a generous amount of funding upon us in the 2008-09 school year which made it possible for us all to share in the gift of this beautiful instrument.  Eventually, NANA members connected with Rich Dube of Northern Spirit Flutes, and with the larger class sizes, we have been working with and making his flutes ever since.
Children are frequently found playing at any and all breaks during the day, practicing their own songs and sheet music supplied by their teacher, Mrs. Carlstad
The Peaceful Night Flute Circle was made up of three student groups:
Peeps of the Peace - our youngest members 6-9
Junior Flutists - grade 5
Senior Flutists - grade 6 and up
In its time, the Peaceful Night Flute Circle shared their flute music with parents and community members at several school events. Several members of the circle  also brought the joy of their music to:
David Bouchard - April 2009
Quest Theatre - April 2009
Les Bucherons - April 2009
Lorne Cardinal (from 'Corner Gas') - June 2009
SHIFT Art Exhibits - 'Picture It Art Store' in Dawson Creek, BC June 2009
Seniors Homes in Dawson Creek - Summer 2009
Tour Groups at Starbright Farm - Summer 2009
PEACE FM 104.1 - Radio Interview Sept 23 2009
Remembrance Day Performance - Bonanza School - November 09
Salvation Army Fundraiser Concert in Dawson Creek - Nov 20, 2009
Church Concerts and Sunday School
Craft Sales around the communities
Flute Sharing with Jason Chamakese (TBA) - Dec 2009
Bonanza School Christmas Concert - Dec 17, 2009
Peace Region Songwriters' Coffeehouses - Jan 2010
Local Television CJDC - "Around the Peace" - March 24
Alternative Energy Solutions - Dawson Creek - March 27
Song For the Earth Concert - Bonanza , AB - April 22 (Earth Day)
Power Shift DVD/Book Launch - Dawson Creek Art Gallery - September 2010
Power Shift DVD/Book Launch - Dawson Creek Library -
November 27, 2010
Peace Region Songwriters' Coffeehouse - November 27, 2010
Hospital Fundraiser - Spring 2011


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