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The Biscuit Growing Song

This weekend Betty and I were baby-sitting our grandson Finn.  For Sunday breakfast, Finn and I whipped up a batch of baking powder biscuits.  

After popping them into the oven, we decided that the biscuits needed a growing song, one that would take them from the white of winter to the gold of summer.  Well Finn, bless his heart, ran off and found my cedar flute.  We then sat in front of the oven door while I played the Biscuit Growing Song, which coincidentally sounded a lot like Cherokee Morning Song!  

The result dear friends.........the biscuits browned beautifully, and the lad and I shared as tasty a treat as you could imagine!  Thank goodness for the song is all I can say, thank goodness for the flute, and thank goodness for your friendship!


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