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Finding Songs

Herb and David harmonizing

Songs were often made by passing them on, person to person, in the old way from times before traditions were written down...and many songs were used as courting songs... it's not hard to see how enchanting these songs can be when played so beautifully for  just "that one special person"...
These flutes are very rewarding to new flutists...they sound so good, and are easy to play, immediately!  Try experimenting with your own combinations.  Situate yourself in different acoustic spaces and see how your flute sounds there.  Or, find a quiet or inspiring place such as a forest, lakeshore, beach, or stream, canyon or valley...and listen to the sounds around you...and play.  Listen to your heart, and is our expression and the flute becomes the voice of your soul!
If you do want to find some songs that have been written down, however, there are several great places to try.  Flutetree is a great place to start for both contemporary and traditional songs, and then take a peek at the sites of various flute circles for other ideas...


"Our Soul dies a little each day if we don't do it (our art)..."  - Mary Parslow, Dawson Creek Artist and Flutist -

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