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All Is Life

Janina and Cedar Songbird Flute

"All Is Life"  is a song from Janina's viking saga and contemporary soul's journey, entitled "Vaer Deg Selv" (Be Yourself)....  it is a jolly little song representing the joy and celebration in a viking village of eleventh century Norway, as Haakon and his men come back from their explorations and conquests...reuniting with loved ones as they share stories and songs about their adventures.... it is the song that the heroine, Linnaea holds within her heart...

Linnaea’s Song - All Is Life

By J. M. Carlstad


In the sky

O’er the sea

All is life


In the sky

O’er the sea

All is life


Live it all

Breathe it in!

Lovin, Life

Sky ‘n Sea


Mother Earth


Feel it All!


Mother Earth


Feel it All!


Lovin, Life

Feelin’ It!

Bein’ it sets you Free!


Loving, Life

You ‘n me

In spirit

We’ll always be…


Loving, life

                                                You and Me….

Haakon's Journey - photo by J. Carlstad

Excerpt from "Vær Deg Selv" - by J. M. Carlstad 2007



past tall mountains of green velvet

rising up

to meet the northern sky

and while sea eagles watched

The longship drew to safety near shore

Its dragon’s head looming powerfully

Above the frothing surf

A shout roared over the waves

And burley men

Barged out, dispersing quickly

Amongst the waiting throng …

All save One,

Haakon the Fair,

The first born son

Who secured the ship

And made sure all was well

Before disembarking

From his vessel


His gaze took in the snowswept rocky outcropping

And the windworn shoreline

Where in the distance

He felt

More than saw

her presence

A lithe gray figure

This seer of Odin

Silhouetted against the Nordic sky



And then she was lost

As his father and crowds of family and friends

Gathered around him


Savage tales of battles wild, bravery,

Riches attained, new horizons

Filled the sky whilst


And drinking of mead

continued on into the night

In this fortress of Midgard

This concept


a destination...

Janina and guitarist, Ian Smith... performing Vaer Deg Selv for Sons of Norway - Spring 2008

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