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Taking Care of Flutes

Flutes are tough instruments in many ways... if we take care of them, they're with us for life! 
Always connect with your flutemaker to find out detailed instructions about how to take care of your particular flute.  For the most part, however, a few basic rules will help you keep your flute safe and "sound":
1)  Never leave your flute in extreme hot or cold temperatures.
2) Flutes should not be left in overly damp or dry places.
3) A felt or blanket cloth bag is a great way to help protect your flute in transit.  A flute case made of any of a variety of materials can assist you in transporting several flutes at once.
4) Make sure the bird is in proper position on the nest in order to gain the desired sound.
5) Your flute can "water out" if it becomes too moist (from your air) and will temporarily cease to give you the sound you want.  Set the flute aside to air for a few moments OR give it a light shake from the larger end hole of the flute and let the excess moisture out.
6) A variety of oils or beeswax can be applied to moisturize some flutes and may be rubbed on with a soft cloth - again, check with your flute maker for best results.
7)  Cupping your hands gently but warmly around the bird and nest for a few minutes prior to playing will warm the flute up and help you achieve your desired sound.
8) When not using flutes, place them on a stand or rack where they are on display (if you so choose) and are safe from harm's way.  This usually results in a very artful and creative piece of decor in your house!

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