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The NANA Logo

- Of One Voice -
An original painting by Janina Skutle Carlstad
Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Of One Voice

Within this painting many symbols of our (NANA) journey with the flute have been represented.  Although of course, interpretation of any painting is within the eye of the beholder, we invite you to view it with an eye for the following, as found within the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water:


The Circle – connectivity, seasons, life, the Earth, the drum and therefore the heartbeat of humanity

The fiery Sun radiates upon a framework of flutes, upon which a Branch flute is the horizon (horizon = a point upon which we set our life’s journey).

Flames coincidentally emerge in shapes reminiscent of birds of prey and waterfowl

Fiery Sun/Circle of Flames – embodies the passion for music, sharing, learning, living

All flutes are of wood and as such, reflect our tie with the land.

Each flute is symbolic of an aspect of the founders of NANA:

* the turtle block is Turtle Island…from the origins of the Earth according to the legends of the Northeastern Woodlands people

* the eagle block – Eagle is sacred and is also in part, some of the name of Zhiibaayanaakwad, our mentor within the Seven Sacred Teachings

* the fallen branch flute symbolizes harmony, recycling, closeness to the Nature within our nature, and the “first” flute

The Raven/Tune’l – Supernatural Hero, Trickster, Matchmaker and Storyteller

Gwimu the Loon – Voice of our Wilderness

Paqtesm the Wolf – The Pathfinder and also a Voice of our Wilderness

Loon wears a necklace of “loonlings” in the shape of music notes are our youth who will carry the music and language of our cultures forward into the future

Mythical Woodpecker – if you look carefully between the three creatures, you will see an abstract outline of the Pileated Woodpecker, from which so many flute stories arise


Within the shape of the woodpecker we find….

Mountains – the peaks to which we raise our expectations and which also present us with great challenge

Cedar tree – from which many of our flutes are made and songs flow

Flowing River – carrying us along through life to the sea and the ebb and flow in the tides of life and the importance of keeping our waters CLEAN

Infinity Symbol of the Metis Nation flowing through the waters of life – pride in our identity


Of One Voice - We Are All Related!


Connected to the Earth

Within the ring of the Sun

Hear the flutists play…

Their voices sound as ONE

- JMC-


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