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- THE MARKET PLACE - World Music At Your Fingertips

Indigenous Ceremonial Music
Jeremy Donovan, Rafael Bejarano, Leonard McGann

The "Market Place" is a resource page where educators, students, and guests may virtually visit World Musicians and types of music at the click of a finger... 
Please click on the photos to enter each individual's website, or click on the hyperlink to view the videos...thus providing  a peek at this vast world of music.  Links to other sites and videos have also been provided.  This list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated periodically. 
*If you wish to purchase the music of the individuals here, please contact them directly through their websites.
If you have suggestions you'd like to add to this page, please contact Janina.
Thank you...and enjoy The Market Place!

Native American Style Flutes
Bring the experience of the North American (Indigenous) Style Flute to YOUR classroom!  Here are two flutemakers  - Butch Hall and Rich Dube, who make flutes easily accessible for your classrooms!

Butch Hall of Butch Hall Flutes
Rich Dube of Northern Spirit Flutes

Once you have your flutes, two great places to check out for sheet music and finger patterns for the flutes may be found at:
Of course, it's always great to improvise and make your own songs too!
Flutists and Instructors
There are a great many flutists out there, some of which may be found in the links section of this website.   It is impossible to include everyone here, so we'll introduce you to a few of the many Cornell Kinderknecht, and also, Jan Seiden, from whom we may experience the music and philosophies of the Native American Flute.  Cornell and Jan are also excellent flute instructors.

Cornell Kinderknecht
Jan Seiden

Welcome to the Market Place!!!
Adding a strong Indigenous Flute focus to the Educational Programs in Alberta, Canada, Janina is an avid fan of World Music...believing that when students feel personally and emotionally involved with music, their interest and skills help them foster success, healing, feeling, creativity, and ultimately, sustainability of self.  Through this Market Place, we hope to introduce and perhaps connect you to people who can enrich your music experience and teachings!

Music on this page supplied by James Skillern.


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