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Your Song


Your Song

By J.M. Carlstad - 2009


I played you a song

Did you hear it in your heart?

Did you see it through your eyes?

I played you a song

In the sunlight and warmth

And it took us

Over meandering pathways

Of the ancients

Over the bedrock of

Medicine hills…

Where eagles soar

Beneath the southern skies

And the buffalo wade through

Prairie rivers

I played you a song

As I looked into the eyes of your soul

A song of hope, heart, and happiness

Rippling through sunlit waters

And waving grasses of green

Weaving up and over the distant purple hills

We walked along the path

Along our journey

Caring and sharing

And through the spirit rocks

Feeling the enormity

Of all around us

And enveloping it all

From within

I played you a song -

Lilting notes of soulful longing

And happy notes of joy

This is your song…


"If music be the food of love, play on."
                                 -William Shakespeare



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